We are a family run business. We believe your pet should be treated and respected the same as ours. TLC is guaranteed for your 'Prince' or 'Princess' at all time, whatever service you decide on.  

We offer advice on dog behaviour issues and health. When you bring in your dogs for grooming, we spend time with them, so they get used to us and make 'friends'. This also gives us a chance to address any behaviour or health issues and discuss them with the you, before you leave. 

We are strong believers that what you feed your dog affects their over all health and well being. We recommend and sell ARDEN GRANGE and BURNS Pet Food. We have samples of Burns for your dogs to try before buying, along with literature and measuring food cups.

We offer herbal supplements and tonics for a wide range issues.  

We offer a nail clipping service for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs too.

We aim to offer high quality natural products in our Dog Boutique along with dog supplies.

Why us?

We offer services that set us apart from other Grooming Salons in Cwmbran. We offer Dog Grooming, Pregnancy Scanning, Microchipping for dogs, cats & rabbits, nail cutting for dogs cats & small animals, good quality Dog Food, treats and Dog Boutique.

Your 'Prince' and 'Princess' will be groomed without the need for crating them, as this can cause stress. Unless for medical or hygiene reasons. We will contact you as soon as they have been groomed, as this too reduces anxiety levels.

Woofs is the only Holistic groomers in Cwmbran. 

  • Fully insured
  • Pet First Aid Trained
  • CRB checked
  • One to one service
  • TLC guaranteed
  • Pet Supplies & Boutique
  • Pet Behaviour Advice
  • Pet Health Advice